2 Things You Need To Know When Receiving A DUI In California As An Out-Of-State Driver

The sunny beaches and amusement parks of Southern California attract many visitors each year. If you are planning to visit California anytime soon, you may want to enjoy a fresh cocktail (or two) during your vacation. Getting behind the wheel of your vehicle after having a few drinks on your vacation could result in the issuance of a DUI. Here are two things that you need to be aware of as an out-of-state driver if you are issued a DUI in California during your next vacation.

Three Tips For Settling Your Personal Injury Case

Knowing that you have a personal injury case on your hands can be a stressful time, since you will be in for a lengthy, potentially arduous process. Between 95 and 96% of personal injury cases are settled. You need to consider some key tips for maximizing on the personal injury settlement process. To this end, consider these three tips below so that you can bounce back from your injuries and seek the best settlement for your situation.

Advice For Those With Criminal Records Who Are Looking For A Job

If you have a criminal record and are looking for a job, then you know how daunting it can be. Hopefully, these four major tips will help you succeed: Have the Records Sealed The first thing is to find out if your criminal records can be sealed, and seal them if it's possible. If your records are sealed, then it's as if you never had them in the first place. That way you can comfortably tell your prospective employers that you don't have a criminal history.

Two Ways You Can Be Charged With A DUI Without Driving

You probably know you can be charged with a DUI if you drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but did you know you can also face DUI charges even if you weren't driving? In some cases, a prosecutor can successfully convict you of this crime even though you weren't in or near the vehicle. Here's more information about this issue and how to prevent or defend against erroneous DUI charges.