What Happens If Your Canine Is Declared Vicious And How Can You Avoid Such A Judgment? Find Out

There are a number of laws in place to protect people against canine attacks, and anyone who breaks them typically faces severe punishment. These include taking responsibility for the financial losses that animal attack victims suffer. In some cases, the judge might also declare the canine vicious if they find that it is dangerous to the community. A determination that your canine is vicious could have various consequences for you and your pet. This is why it is advisable to hire a lawyer to defend you if someone sues you after an attack by your dog. Read on to learn how a legal practitioner from a trusted personal injury law firm can protect you and your canine in such a situation.

Consequences of a Determination That Your Canine is Vicious

Following a judge's ruling that your canine is vicious, they may issue directives you must follow if you are to continue living with your pet. For instance, they might order you to keep the canine in an enclosure that meets specific requirements. The judge may also give guidelines regarding when you can let your dog out of the enclosure. For instance, they might only allow you to remove your canine in order to receive treatment or in the event that an emergency or natural disaster threatens the dog's life. In addition, the judge may instruct you to leash your canine whenever they are outside the cage.

Such rulings can affect your dog's well-being and deny you the opportunity to enjoy your pet's company. Significantly, failure to follow the directions issued by the judge may result in criminal penalties. An effective way to avert these consequences is by hiring a legal advisor to represent you in court. They can build a strong defense and argue your case in court with the aim of convincing the judge not to declare your canine vicious.

How to Protect Your Canine

It is advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as a victim of a canine attack files a claim against you. This will enable the legal advisor to establish a defense before your case commences. It may include information showing that your dog had never attacked anyone previously. The attorney can also present evidence to demonstrate that the complainant provoked your canine, which led to the attack. This goes towards convincing the judge not to declare your canine vicious. It also helps vindicate you of wrongdoing and prove that you are under no obligation to compensate the complainant.

A declaration that your canine is vicious can have severe consequences for you and your pet. For this reason, you need to hire a dog-bite attorney from a reputable personal injury law firm to defend you in court and, thus, help prevent a judgment that would be detrimental to you or your pet.

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