Vital Services That Experienced Traffic Lawyers Provide To Clients

Driving infractions like speeding tickets and parking violations can jeopardize your record. They can result in you having your license suspended for weeks or months at a time. They can also result in your license being revoked for years if you fail to pay your fines and change your driving behavior.

However, you have the right to defend yourself in court if you are ticketed for an offense like speeding. You can hire one of the experienced traffic lawyers in your area to argue for you in court.

Arguing for Your Innocence

When you retain one of the local traffic lawyers to defend you in court, you may be able to convince the judge of your innocence. You may not have been speeding when the law enforcement officer pulled you over and gave you a ticket. Likewise, you might have used your turn signals and driven safely, making your ticket unmerited.

Traffic lawyers can use proof like clients' dashcam footage and surveillance video from nearby street cameras to prove people's innocence in court. This proof may be enough to convince the judge you were not speeding or committing a moving infraction and should have the ticket against you dismissed.

Explaining Mitigating Circumstances

Traffic lawyers may also be effective in explaining mitigating circumstances that might have led to you being ticketed. For example, your car might have had a mechanical issue that caused it to drive faster than the posted speed limit. Your attorney can explain to the judge that your odometer was faulty and you were not aware of how fast you were driving.

Further, your attorney can explain that you were under emotional duress because of a stressful or tragic event in your family. He or she can argue that these mitigating circumstances caused you to drive in a manner that is not normal for you. He or she can also explain that you do not ordinarily drive in such a manner and will not pose a risk to the public in the future. Your attorney may be able to get the ticket reduced or dropped entirely with these arguments.

Traffic lawyers provide important services to clients. Your attorney may be able to use facts in the case to prove that you are innocent and did not commit the offense for which you are ticketed. They can also explain mitigating circumstances and explain you will not commit the same traffic offenses in the future.

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