3 Possible Defenses For Your Domestic Violence Case

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you'll need to hire a domestic violence attorney to represent and defend you. In order to help you preserve your reputation and your freedom, your attorney will come up with a plan for defending you in court. There are a lot of different defenses that can be used for domestic violence cases, depending on the situation. These are some of the possible defenses that could work for your case. 

1. It Didn't Happen At All

For one thing, you might argue that the situation that you are accused of did not happen at all. For example, you might claim that your spouse fabricated the entire story for one reason or another. Your attorney might argue this by showing that you could not have possibly committed any violent acts against your partner because you have an alibi. If there is a motive for why your partner might have accused you of something that you didn't do — such as if you are in the middle of a child custody battle — then your attorney might use this information as well.

2. You Were Acting in Self-Defense

Another potential defense that your attorney can possibly use is self defense. Although you might have acted out violently toward your partner, you might have done so because you were afraid for your own safety or because your partner was acting violently toward you first. Your attorney might be able to use threatening phone calls or text messages as proof of this, or you can show your own injuries as a possible proof that you acted in self defense.

3. It Was an Accident

In some cases, it is possible to hurt someone without meaning to. If you tripped and ended up pushing or otherwise harming your partner by accident, for example, your attorney may be able to use this as a defense for your case. Your attorney will look at what happened, any injuries that you might have sustained, and the placement of your partner's injuries to help prove this type of case.

If you're accused of domestic violence, it's important to work with an attorney. The sooner that you hire a domestic violence attorney, the sooner that your attorney can start coming up with the best defense for your case. He or she will probably talk to you about what happened, gather evidence, and take other steps to come up with the best defense possible.