About Fighting An Unfair Drug Charge With Help From A Lawyer

Were you booked into jail after drugs were found in your car when you were pulled over by an officer? If there was a passenger in your car that should have been held responsible for the drugs, it is a good ideal to hire a lawyer. You don't want to end up with a drug possession charge on your record for a crime that you didn't commit. In this article, you will find information in regards to how a criminal lawyer can help you get justice.

Consult with You About Your Passenger

Your lawyer will ask you several questions about the person that was in the car with you at the time that you were pulled over. It is important to be completely honest whether you barely know the passenger, or if he or she is a close relative. If you keep anything about the other party to yourself, it might be used against you in court later on. The lawyer will likely ask if your passenger is a known drug user or dealer. He or she might also want to know if you have had any connection to drugs in the past.

Obtain Criminal Records for All Parties

Your lawyer will get a copy of your criminal record to determine if you have ever been involved in any crimes related to drugs. He or she will also use your record as evidence, especially if you have never been arrested for anything. The criminal record of the other party will be obtained to find out if he or she has been to jail for drug use or dealing before. If there are any questionable offenses, the record can be used as evidence against the other party in comparison to yours.

Find Character Witnesses On Your Behalf

Your overall character can play a major role in proving that you are not associated with drugs. Your lawyer will speak to some of the people that have known you for a long time about your character. He or she might speak to your employer, friends, relatives, neighbors and anyone else that can speak about your character. The lawyer, such as Thomas A Corletta, will ask each person if they have known you to ever use or deal drugs.

Investigate the Other Party

The other party will be investigated for obtaining solid evidence that he or she is involved with drugs. The lawyer might hire a private investigator to follow the suspect in an attempt to catch him or her making drug deals. Any evidence that is obtained from the investigation will be presented during your trial to prove that the other party is the one with a history of drugs. Your lawyer will basically make it difficult for the drug charges to be placed on you beyond the shadow of doubt. Speak to a lawyer so you can prove that you are not guilty.